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Complements castañuela capricho blanco veteado rojo
castañuela capricho blanco veteado rojo
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The capricho castanet corresponds to our highest range of castanets. Its manufacture is 100% handmade, based on pressed paper, engraved with the JUAN VELA SEVILLA stamp, from Castañuelas del Sur. This castanet is characterized by being the lightest of all the ranges. Thanks to its large resonance box, we obtain a serious sound with a great acoustic quality. Its more rounded shape allows a better adaptation to the hand. In conclusion: they almost touch themselves. Another aspect to highlight is that the price includes our special cover made by hand with leatherette, sheepskin

Addition Information

Su gran caja de resonancia proporciona un sonido bronco y envolvente. Gracias a su forma se adapta perfectamente a la mano. De peso ligero y orejilla pequeña.

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