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Who is Candela Solo Flamenco?... A little
bit of history

My name is Pilar Trueba and since I was a child, I have inherited the passion for fashion and
flamenco that my mother passed on to me. This led me to study as a stylist, designer and
pattern designer in the city where I was born, Seville. My adventure began in 1995, when I
participated as a new designer in the first International Flamenco Fashion Show (SIMOF). Since
then, I have not stopped doing flamenco: first in my shop in Harinas Street in Seville and
currently in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz.
Together with my friend Carmen Bellido we created Candela Solo Flamenco in 1999. Our idea
was to renew the image of flamenco students, as at that time everything was red, white and
black. There was not any kind of designing, variety and colors in the rehearsal clothes.
In 2003, I had the opportunity to participate in the Yokohama Fashion Week in Japan, with a
colorful flamenco rehearsal collection with innovative designs. The acceptance was so good
that since then Japan has become a very important selling point for our company and clearly
opened the doors to international trade.
Since then, I have not stopped producing different lines of work, rehearsal outfit, outfits for
last year’s academies performances, special costumes for companies and artists, and during
the Feria season, flamenco dresses were a must.

What makes us different from others?

-We give you advice by M@il, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to, it will
be a pleasure for me to guide and advise you in your purchase. So, when we receive your order
I will probably ask you the measurements to ensure the right size and some more detail if it is
customizable. We have been working for more than 20 years remotely and that is our
Unique, practical and flattering designs. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not
hesitate to contact me (pilar@candelasevilla.com) and I will make your idea come true.
We fit your budget. Tell me and I will give you options. We also offer flexibility in payment for
dancers and groups, with special discounts for the latter.

Our collections

We have two lines of work:
1- Tailored suits: show costumes, flamenco dresses, etc., where we use crepes, popelines,
organza, embroidery and more sophisticated fabrics.
2-Elastic garments: in velvet, lycra, tulle and elastic lace, suitable for end-of-season academies
shows or small performances. Also knit and knit with lycra in outfits designed for rehearsal and
academies performances.
Where to find us?
After 32 years of attention to the public in our store in Seville we have renewed and relocated
ourselves. Currently, we are always open on our website and our social networks.
In addition, we have a new point of sale to the public in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz (C /
Manantial 13, Edificio CEEI, Office 178, CP 11500) and a logistics point of warehouse in Seville
(P.I. Servialsa c / B, nave14, 41960 Gines).

We look forward to serving you very soon.
Candela Solo Flamenco

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